Okay, lets cut to the chase here: how have we been living this long without an all encompassing platform that gives fitness junkies a REAL, NO BULLSHIT review of instructors in NYC? How many times have you sat, stood, laid in a class where you are literally counting down the seconds for you to run out the door because the instructor is just not your type? We are here to change your fitness life. We are here to be your best friend who has the inside scoop on every single instructor in NYC. You love instructors who get in your face and push you to your limit- we got you! You love instructors who could be a stand up comedian on the side- we got that too! We are here to be your new best friend who knows their shit about all the instructors at your favorite studio or somewhere you wanna try. Trust us, we get it, we love it and most importantly  - we live for this. We are getting out there and writing for you cause we know our shit and we also know you don't  have time for that. 

Much Love, 

The Instructor Underground Team