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Jess is a #GirlBoss. When you walk in the door of KORE Jess has all of the bases covered. She checks you in, sets up the music, and then to my surprise opened up the doors to the studio and freaking taught the class! She has a team of awesome people helping her, but you can tell that she is not only running the show but that KORE is her baby and a product of her dreams. I was so impressed at her ability to juggle every single role of running a boutique fitness gym and staying extremely calm during it all.

KORE is so West Village, to the point I feel classy AF just being there. It is decorated perfectly, all of the merch is calling your name and you just feel the vibe from the second you walk through the door. Music is playing and you’re like "okay okay I’m into this and want to know more."

Class Type: 50 mins Full Body

Class Style: No two classes are ever the same at KORE, but teachers stick to essentially a specific format. Workouts are designed around the music, you work out to the beat of the songs. So think SoulCycle for HIIT. It’s epic to say the least. The lighting in the room makes you feel like you are in one of Calvin Harris’s newest music videos, and casually being in a music video before sitting behind a computer for 12 hours at work isn’t the worst way to start the day. Instructor Underground always has your back. We broke the class down for you, see below.

Active Stretch: This is my personal favorite type of stretching because it gets your body warm with intermediate yoga poses (child's pose etc) mixed with some light cardio (aka high knees.) You will feel like this is a non-forced warm up, and nice for early morning when your body is especially tense. Before you know it you are sweating and ready to work that KORE! Bad joke? Yeah.

Core Training: This part was very hard but I felt like the movements were definitely working areas that I sometimes do not target enough. Much of it was in a V shaped position where Jess coached us through where to put our arms, when to pulse, and where to put your legs. Jess was incredible at reminding you body parts to focus on so that you don't lose sight of posture. So important for toning, and not something you find in all classes.

Equipment based HIT: This portion of the class we did a ton of squats and lunges with kettlebells for the legs and butt portion. I highly suggest if you are new to the class using the weights that are out in front of you before upgrading to heavier weights. Trust me you will feel the burn…. in the best way possible. Then we used the resistance bands for the arms. This is incredible for lengthening the arms in a cardio/ barre fusion.

Stretch and Cool down: So much yes. After a hard ass workout this never felt so good.

Teaching Style: Jess not only uses her jealously inducing body, but her words to push you harder. Not to mention her use of the word “push” is admirable. She is motivating and really has you think about “why you came in today.” Getting into epic shape. Duh. I love when instructors give you things to think about because it makes the workout into a meditation too.

She does not single people out in the class, but rather creates a personal connection with everyone before the class where she makes it a point to know the new people, and everyone's names. It is nice and shows she truly cares. Additionally, Jess does most of the workout with you so you are inspired to keep going. I mean, if she can do the class 4x times a day then you can do it once! She has SO much energy and was beyond impressed at her ability to direct the room while doing the movements. Shit I would never be able to do.

Music: As I mentioned before, this class works out to the beat of the music playing, so obviously the song choices are extremely important. In general music is a huge motivating factor in working out but in this situation I felt that it was even extra important. I had high expectations for the music because of the impressive studio. Thankfully, Jess was on my page and did not take this lightly.

I connected with her after the class to ask about the amazing music, I need the playlists for my personal uses… sue me! She told me that KORE uses the same DJ that curates Avicii's playlists. Yeah, it’s fucking awesome. So think Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” remix meets Calvin Harris’s “Feels.” Jess explained that the music is based on each movement of the class. So when you are mountain climbing, the music is fast and when you are doing slower squats the beat slows down. This made total sense and I really appreciated her thoughtfulness.

Also follow their dope playlist on spotify to get a feel for how epic the music is here:


If you live in west village and haven't tried this class, you are doing yourself a disservice. I truly believe it will brighten up your day and make you feel like you can take on anything. There is nothing like that feeling  before starting your day. So thanks Jess, for introducing me to the epicness of the West Village workout scene.

Studio Advice:

  • There is a clean (so important) bathroom with showers but it is small- if you are in a HUGE rush make sure to get into the bathroom before anyone else, there are only two showers.
  •  It is not necessary to get to the class more than 10 minutes early. The waiting area is relatively small and they do a great time checking in so you can press snooze one more time. You’re welcome.
  • There are flashing lights when the beat speeds up in the class. If this bothers you, then this is not the class for you. I thought this was extremely motivating, but flashing lights aren’t for everyone.
  • Water filter outside the class, bring your swell and get that clean water!

Written by Helena Rosen